Affordable Housing

More and more long-time residents of Pittsburgh, especially black residents and low-income residents, are being displaced and forced out of the city and out of their communities as gentrification becomes more rampant. There is a housing crisis in the city that is growing, and more and more communities are being torn apart. PPT believes that housing and transit are interconnected, and the struggle for justice around them must also be interconnected.

We are working with other groups throughout the city to push for equity guidelines around TOD (transit oriented development) projects and mandatory inclusionary zoning. Currently, we are a member of the Penn Plaza Support and Action Coalition, which formed around the crisis of hundreds of families displaced from the Penn Plaza buildings and are also working to help push the city to demand affordable housing at the Lexington Technology site, a 16 acre plot of city-owned land that is up for sale this year (click here for more information).

Transit justice and housing justice cannot be separated, and displacement must be halted and the harm redressed if we really are to be a city for all.