Transit Deserts

Article by Nick Coles and Molly Nichols:
” Don’t Leave Transit Deserts High and Dry” 

Pittsburghers for Public Transit helped mobilize thousands of Pennsylvanians to pressure legislators to pass the state transportation bill last autumn, staving off the threat of Port Authority service cuts and fare increases — on top of the draconian ones enacted several years ago. Funding now must be allocated to meet the needs of communities still stranded without public transportation.

The Port Authority has insisted that funding from the bill allows the agency only to “maintain and enhance existing service.” This year, it has added vehicles on overcrowded routes and extended some routes. PPT supports adding service for current riders, but we are deeply concerned about riders who remain completely cut off…..

Pittsburghers for Public Transit recognizes the potential value of capital investments in public transit infrastructure and expects the process to include public consultation with riders, drivers, residents and other stakeholders. In the meantime, resources allocated toward the development of bus rapid transit should not take away from meeting the needs of Allegheny County residents who have no public transit or are severely underserved.

Let’s get service to our transit deserts now, before the onset of winter.