We all rise up when our transit system centers those people who are at the margins.

Riders and neighbors like you have worked with PPT to win campaigns for expanded and improved transit in dozens of communities throughout Allegheny County. We have been explicit in centering the needs of marginalized users because when we build a system that works for them then we build a system that’s better for everyone.

In 2019, PPT kicked off our new Organizing Fellowship to resource advocates on-the-ground to organize for better transit. We worked with 15 Organizing Fellows in the Mon Valley and Eastern Suburbs in the program’s first year and elevated the call for faster, more frequent service in these communities. We want to expand this program in 2020 and you can help us do it.

Change doesn’t come without strategy and commitment. For 18 months we organized. We built a movement. We gained power. We were successuful in reversing cuts that would have devested my community in the Mon Valley, but the fight isn’t over.

We need to keep working so that everyone in the Mon Valley, Eastern Suburbs and Allegheny County has access to quality, affordable transit.

– Ms. Pearl Hughey, PPT Member & Beyond the East Busway Organizing Fellow

Donate to PPT and make it possible for more neighbors like Ms. Pearl to work with PPT’s Organizing Fellowship and win quality, affordable public transit for Allegheny County.

Your gift of any size—whether $5, $50, or $500—will go toward our campaign goal of $10,000.
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