Are you part of the Free & Discount Fare Pilot? We need to hear from you!

Image Description: PPT Members Tiffany, Bonnie and Gabriel smile for a photo at the year-end membership party.

Did you get into the new discount fare pilot program? We want to hear from you so we can advocate for a permanent, fully-free program for all.

More affordable transit fares are coming to Allegheny County because transit took action – but now we need to continue our advocacy to make this a permanent program accessible for all! Late last year, the Allegheny County Department of Human Services launched the new Discount Fares Pilot Program for SNAP/EBT recipients. The pilot program will test how free and discounted transit fares impact the ability of families to access food, jobs, housing, education, healthcare and all of life’s essentials. More than 14,000 people are involved in the study!

The program is exciting, but there are still some bugs with the website and the application. Pittsburghers for Public Transit is using this form to keep track of any problems or feedback that people have with the program, the website, or the application. We also want to use this form to hear your story about how free and discounted fares is impacting your life, and whether you think this should be a permanent program accessible to all. We’ll share this feedback with the Department of Human Services, but you should also reach out to

This free and discounted fare program is big news and only happens after years of advocacy from transit riders and allied organizations. But this program will end at the end of the year – WE NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU SO WE CAN PUSH TO MAKE IT PERMANENT!

If you have applied to the program, or if you know anyone else who has, please fill out this form. Tell your story and let us know how we can advocate to improve the program.