Get Involved!

image description: PPT Member Bill McDowell hands out masks to transit riders during a volunteer canvass.

Our Membership is the heart and soul of our organization.
Join our union and become a PPT Member today!

Together we are grassroots union of transit riders, transit workers, and neighbors that is fighting to defend and expand public transportation. We organize local campaigns and hold our local public officials and public agencies accountable to the people they represent. 

Becoming a member is a critical way to support our work, and it’s as easy as tapping your Connect Card to get on the bus. All PPT Members agree to do three simple things: 

  1. Pay dues to support our budget. We encourage members to give at least $2.75 monthly (the cost of a single PRT fare), but no one is turned away because of funds.
  2. Agree to uphold PPT’s Transit Bill of Rights. 
  3. Take part to help us win our campaigns. PPT Members contribute to our campaigns in many different ways, and you can find the way that’s right for you. This could mean anything from joining meetings, to voting in our elections, to participating in a committee, to spreading the word on social media, to speaking up for transit at a public meeting.

Once you become a PPT Member, you will be a real part of winning improvements that benefit the lives of your neighbors. Our members shape the future of our organization. As a PPT Member, you will be able to vote to elect the people who lead our Organization during our annual Board Elections in July. You’ll also be able shape our annual strategic plan and vote to approve it in December.


Here are some other ways to get involved

  1. Subscribe to our newsletter and social media
  2. Attend PPT’s next Monthly Meeting
  3. Volunteer with a PPT Committee

Please reach out if you have any questions!

1. Subscribe to our newsletter

2. Attend the next PPT Meeting!

PPT Members at Monthly Meeting
Photo of PPT Members around a long table at one of our Monthly Meetings.

PPT’s meetings are open to all. We hold our Monthly Meetings on the second Wednesday of each month at 7pm to give updates on the campaign work and educate on different topics. We’re always holding different volunteer opportunities to speak with transit riders and transit workers in the field to inform our campaigns.

RSVP to an upcoming meeting by checking out our event’s calendar.

3. Volunteer with a PPT Committee

PPT has 5 working committees that develop our campaigns and drive them forward. From communications to organizing, to research, to strategy, to accessibility; there are lots of ways that people are volunteering with PPT to win better transit for all.