Get Involved!

We would love for you to get involved with Pittsburghers for Public Transit!

PPT is a grassroots group of transit riders, transit workers, and neighbors who are fighting to defend and expand public transportation in Allegheny County. We organize local campaigns and hold our local public officials and public agencies accountable to the people they’re supposed to represent. 

Here are six ways to get involved today!
  1. Donate to support PPT’s organizing
  2. Join our monthly meetings
  3. Become a PPT member!
  4. Volunteer with our campaigns
  5. Sign up to speak at a Port Authority board meeting
  6. Subscribe to our mailing list and connect with us on social media

Please reach out if you have any questions!

It costs money to run an organization like Pittsburghers for Public Transit! We have to pay for staff time, office expenses, digital organizing tools, actions, fellowships, events, printing, mailing, and community support. Although we are a project of the Thomas Merton Center, they do not provide PPT any financial support. 

Help our work grow by making a donation to PPT!

2. Join us at one of our monthly meetings

PPT Members at Monthly Meeting
Photo of PPT Members around a long table at one of our Monthly Meetings.

Our meetings are open to all. They are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7pm. We use them to give updates on our campaign work, get input from our membership, and build leadership and organizing skills. We’re not meeting in person until the risks for COVID transmission die down, but we’re still getting together each month on Zoom. Check out PPT’s Facebook page for a list of upcoming meetings (usually posted around the start of the month).

We know Zoom is not accessible for everyone, so please send us an email if there’s any way we can make our meetings more accessible for you or if you have questions.

3. Become a PPT Member!

A cornerstone of PPT’s organizing is that we are a democratic organization that is accountable to our members.  Our membership is open to everyone. Members vote on our organization’s strategic plan and campaign direction and PPT’s Board of Directors who work with staff to execute the day-to-day operations of our campaigns. 

PPT members must make three commitments:

  1. PPT members pledge to uplift and support the organization’s Transit Bill of Rights which declares public transit as a human right.
  2. Members of Pittsburghers for Public Transit will share in supporting the organization’s operating budget with an annual contribution of at least $2.75 – the cost of a single Port Authority cash fare – with no one excluded because of inability to pay.
  3. Members of Pittsburghers for Public Transit will help the organization build power by adding their capacity and input to PPT’s campaigns and strategy by serving on a committee, attending monthly meetings, supporting organizing drives, joining rallies, or spreading awareness of our mission.

Send us an email with any questions!

4. Volunteer with our campaigns

We are running numerous campaigns to win expanded service, lower fares, affordable housing, increased transit funding, and public accountability.

If you’re interested in volunteering, reach out to Laura Wiens at (703) 424-0854 or for more information!

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5. Sign up to speak at a Port Authority board meeting!

Tell elected officials how important public transit is to you!

You can sign up to speak at Port Authority’s monthly Board Meeting here.

6. Subscribe to our newsletter and connect with us on social media