PPT Committee Interest Form

Want better transit in your community? Join a PPT committee and make it happen.

Transit riders and workers are organizing to fight for more affordable, accessible, safe, and equitable service – and PPT’s committee meetings are where the magic happens. Each month, PPT’s members and volunteers come together in our different committees to decide the strategy and tactics that we will take to further our campaigns and to put in work to make them a success.

All committee meetings are open to PPT Members and anyone else looking to get more involved in our work:

Description of our Committees, the work that gets done there, and who is invited to attend.

Currently, all of these meetings are held via Zoom and are conducted in English:

Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee – monthly working meeting to focus on bringing more people in to support PPT campaigns. This committee hosts regular phone banks and bus stop canvasses to build relationships with riders and bring them into our campaigns.

Communications Committee

Communications Committee – monthly working meeting to tell the story of PPT’s campaign successes and struggles. During these meetings, attendees help produce content to communicate our victories – with activities such as writing blogs, editing videos, producing newsletters, curating photography, and doing graphic design.

Research Committee

Research Committee – monthly working meeting to conduct data and policy research to support PPT campaigns. During these meetings, attendees analyze data, investigate policies being implemented in other cities, and assemble reports that recommend action to improve our transit system.

Accessibility Committee

Accessibility Committee – monthly discussion/working meeting to improve the ease and depth of access for people to participate in PPT’s work and our transit system. During these meetings, attendees discuss and work to expand access to our organization and our transit system by eliminating barriers put in place by disability, language, and other social constructs.

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