Transit History and Legislation

Since 2006, the Port Authority of Allegheny County has eliminated 130 bus routes, equivalent to 30% of its service. These cuts left many communities stranded in transit deserts, where residents are forced to walk 2 or more miles to catch the bus.  Now, for the first time in over a decade, Port Authority has been able to add service, but they still need more funding to adequately meet this region’s transportation needs. Last year they received over 1500 requests for 85 route changes and additions. Our service campaigns are an opportunity to demonstrate the transit needs in this region and to advocate for smart growth that reconnects communities to the region’s employment centers, as well as allowing residents to get to school, medical appointments, shopping, cultural events, and places of worship.


This page provides links to important transportation legislation in Pennsylvania.

State Legislation:

summary of Act 89, the most recent PA state transportation funding bill.

Act 89 itself.

PA Title 74 (for transportation)

PA Title 75 (for vehicles)

Second Class Port Authority Act 1956