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The Mon-Oakland Connector is a Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Project.

SIGN UP TO JOIN THE WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 21’ST VIRTUAL PUBLIC MEETING FROM 6-8 PM HERE. Image Description: Silhouette of Rosa Parks with roses in background, text reading “Transit for People, Not for Profit! Equity, Dignity and the Freedom to Move.” Artist Credit: Christina Acuna Castillo (Thank Goodness that residents have come up with a stellar […]

Last Chance for Transit Equity! Final Public Meeting on the Mon Oakland Connector

The LAST VIRTUAL PUBLIC MEETING for the Mon Oakland Connector shuttle roadway project is scheduled for Wednesday, 10/21, 6-8pm Transit equity means that public transportation investments must benefit people, not corporate interests. For more than two years, Pittsburghers for Public Transit has been advocating alongside residents for investment in a community-driven plan –Our Money, Our […]

Sign the Petition for a fare relief program to move us through COVID-19!

All public utilities and essential services have started assistance programs to support low-income residents survive the pandemic and economic depression. The Port Authority must follow their lead and implement an emergency low-income fare program now. Allegheny County residents have been hit hard by COVID-19 and the ensuing economic depression. The data included in the recently […]

Help Circulate Petitions for COVID-19 Fare Relief

Allegheny County residents have been hit hard by COVID-19 and the ensuing economic depression. Nearly every other public utility and essential service has programs to ensure all people can access their life-sustaining resources. Transit is no different. Port Authority must start an emergency fare relief program now. Click here to sign the petition for emergency […]

MEDIA ROUNDUP + PHOTOS: COVID-19 Fare Relief Rally & Report Release

PPT releases a new report that calls on Port Authority to implement a COVID-19 Fare Relief program, for the lives of low-income riders and the health of the transit system. On a sunny Tuesday, PPT members rallied under the colorful MLK mural near the Wilkinsburg Busway Station to release our new report, “No Greater Need, […]

New PPT Report: Why We Need a COVID-19 Transit Fare Relief Program for Low-Income Riders

Pittsburgh PA – On Tuesday, September 22, Pittsburghers for Public Transit (PPT) published a new report detailing why the Port Authority should immediately implement a transit fare relief program for low-income riders titled “No Greater Need, No Greater Opportunity: The Time for COVID-19 Fare Relief for Low-Income Riders is Now.” This new report lays out […]

If you missed our Executive Director Laura Chu Wiens on yesterday's national panel "A Transit Agenda for the COVID-19 Emergency", talking about COVID Fare Relief and the Mon-Oakland Connectork, you can catch it here. TransitCenter also recently published a great report laying out national data about ridership and recommendations for transit systems to provide equitable and effective service through this pandemic and beyond. ... See MoreSee Less

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