Pittsburghers for Public Transit is a grassroots union of transit riders, workers and neighbors. Together we organize for an expanded, affordable and accessible public transit system that meets all needs, with no communities left behind.

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Sign the Petition: Demand that PRT Reverse the Cuts!

Reverse the cuts! Take action by signing the petition to PRT. We want a rapid transit plan that brings more access, not less. Major service changes went into effect on October 1st. These changes included major service cuts on the 61D Murray, 71A Negley, 71C Point Breeze, and 71D Hamilton, and changes on nearly 40 […]

Changes Are Coming Oct 1! 40 Routes Will Have New Schedules. Read More Here.

Big changes are slated to start October 1st. Learn more in the blog and sign up to make your voice heard. Throughout the year, PRT makes a number of “service adjustments” to routes throughout the system. These service adjustments are typically minor changes to accommodate for things like construction detours or a stop relocation. But […]

Rally and Testify! New Changes Shouldn’t Set Us Back

New changes to the 71s and 61s and other routes need to benefit riders! RSVP to join us at the rally and testify to the PRT Board of Directors BRT improvements should improve our transit access, not set us back. Join the rally to speak up for change! The changes proposed to accommodate the new […]

100+ Riders Join PRT’s BRTx Meeting to Raise Concerns

Over 100 people attended PRT’s meeting to call for BRT investments to expand access, not limit it More than 100 riders attended PRT’s info session last night to voice serious concerns about changes being made to the 61D, 71A, 71C, and 71D because of the new BRTx (Bus Rapid Transit University Line) service plan. According […]

Riders Say ‘NO’ to cuts on the 61D, 71A, 71C, and 71D.

Hundreds of riders have spoken up about how service cuts to 61D, 71A, 71C, and 71D will harm access for tens of thousands of Pittsburgh residents – and they will continue to do so on 9/12 and 9/29. On Tuesday, September 12th at the 5:30 pm virtual PRT meeting, dozens of transit riders will raise […]

Take Action Now to Expand Transit Funding in PA!

Take Action Now to Expand Transit Funding in PA! We deserve safe, dignified, reliable, public transportation, and right now the federal government has offered us unprecedented opportunity to achieve these ends. Today, local governments cannot enact local taxes or fees to raise funds for public transportation initiatives. And with permanently-changed travel patterns since the pandemic, ridership […]

Some 61s and 71s will stop running to downtown. Here’s how to give feedback.

Major changes are being proposed to the 61D, 71A, 71C, and 71D. Riders have two opportunities to give feedback before they take effect on October 1 Pittsburgh Regional Transit has announced that some major changes to service on the 61D, 71A, 71C, and 71D will go into effect on October 1st. The changes are being […]

Join the Labor Parade With Transit Riders and Transit Workers

Join PPT and Amalgamated Transit Union Local 85 to march in the 2023 Labor Day Parade! PPT is a grassroots union of both transit riders and transit workers. We know that we are the ones using the system every day and that together, we have the knowledge needed to improve conditions for us all. One […]

It’s Simple: More Workers = More Service = More Riders = More Justice

The reinstatement of fired transit workers will provide some immediate relief to our current service crisis. But in order to create public transit that gets us to more places, more quickly, with more reliability, PRT must show us how they plan to treat existing workers with dignity and hire more. Pittsburghers for Public Transit (PPT) […]

Special Photos: Magic Times at PPT’s 2023 Summer Picnic!

PPT Members know how to organize – and party! 100 members celebrated our victories at Mellon Park. And wrapped up a successful Summer Membership drive that brought on 115 new and renewing PPT Members! Wednesday, August 9th, was our 2023 PPT Family Picnic and we had a ball. 100 PPT Members, their friends, and family […]

Congratulations to PPT’s New Board Members!

7 PPT Members were elected to the PPT Board until 2025 Pittsburghers for Public Transit is unique in having a fully democratically, member-elected Board of Directors. Every year, half of the general member seats are voted upon for a two-year term, as well as one of the two specific seats allocated for members of the […]

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