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After 3 Years, City Council Takes Up Questions of Driverless Vehicles

Last Month, after publishing its literature review “Wait, Who’s Driving This Thing?: Bringing the Public to the Autonomous Vehicle Table“, Pittsburghers for Public Transit worked with Councilmembers Theresa Kail-Smith, Deb Gross, and Corey O’Connor to hold the first City-sponsored conversation on the effects of Autonomous Vehicles. This was the first time that the Council has […]

Votes Are In: PPT Membership Elects New Coordinating Committee Members

Pittsburghers for Public Transit believes in transparency, accountability, public participation, democracy, collaboration, and shared leadership. And we want to practice what we preach. So each year PPT runs an open nomination and election process for our general membership to choose 5 people to serve on our Coordinating Committee (aka our Board of Directors). The Coordinating […]

Port Authority’s Q2 Service Changes, with comment from the PGH Bus Info Hotline

Each quarter the Port Authority adjusts its transit schedules and routes to account for rider’s requests, ridership shifts, construction, road closures and/or all of the other unexpected hiccups that might affect Pittsburgh roads.  In case you missed it, the most recent set of changes went into effect Sunday, June 16, 2019. The next set of […]