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What Amazon HQ2 Could Do to Pittsburgh

*Amazon logo superimposed over the picture of Pittsburgh, with “Pittsburgh” as the text. From Great panel conversation hosted by Pitt Human Rights City Initiative and the research and advocacy organization UrbanKind, about the possible impacts of Amazon HQ2 on affordable housing, public transit, worker rights, taxpayer liabilities among other unforeseen consequences. See the live […]

PPT at MLK Day at Kelly Strayhorn Theater

February 8th, 2018 Thank you to Lisa Gonzalez, Toni Haraldsen and Crystal Jennings for making our MLK Jr tabling session at the Kelly Strayhorn Theater such a success! Lots of students joined us to hear the story of Rosa Parks, transit as a civil right struggle, and tell us what their bus means to them!

Build Ridership Not Walls! DCTR Coalition Rally

February 8th, 2018 Our Don’t Criminalize Transit Riders coalition delegated County Executive Rich Fitzgerald on Thursday, January 18th, to call on him to take a public position opposing fare enforcement policing on public transit. Nearly 30 riders went to his office at the County Courthouse; we were met by six police officers, and were refused an opportunity […]

Awesome first-person narrative from Ms. Colette Funches on her experience participating in PPT's Beyond the East Busway campaign:

"Many people - young and old, employed or not employed - need the use of bus service every day. They can be sure of safe, well-trained bus service drivers who can get them to and from their destination safely and on time. Riders use the bus several times a week, or on multiple trips, for a daily commute and sometimes no more than once a week. As riders they want to be certain that buses will arrive in a timely fashion; the wait time should not be too long."

Shoutout to Carnegie Library of McKeesport! Thanks for your support!
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