Take the #VoteTransit Pledge to elect a champion for public transit

Image Description: Graphic of the County Executive Candidates who all answered PPT’s #VoteTransit Candidate questionnaire overlaid on a PRT bus. Text reads. “Pledge to #VoteTransit May 16th”

Transit riders! Make the pledge to #VoteTransit this Election Day to put a County Executive in office who will do the most for transit riders and our transit system

Voters will roll to the polls to elect a new leader for the MOST POWERFUL REGIONAL OFFICE FOR PUBLIC TRANSIT, the Allegheny County Executive. The County Executive appoints a majority of PRT Board members, they control billions of public dollars, and set policy that can transform transit. Riders need to learn the public transit platforms that each candidate will bring to office and VOTE for the candidate who shares our vision.

Last month, PPT issued a #VoteTransit Questionnaire to each of the candidates for County Executive. We wanted to give the candidates an opportunity to lay out the priorities that they have for public transit, affordable housing, economic and environmental justice. 

We also want riders to get familiar with these candidates and pledge to #VoteTransit for an Executive who will do the most for transit riders and our transit system.

Here’s a summary of what each candidate said in our #Vote Transit Candidate Questionnaire:

State Representative Sara Innamorato
37 Years Old

In PPT’s #VoteTransit Qestionnaire, Sara commits to use the office of Allegheny County Executive to:

🚌 Appoint at least one rider and one operator to the PRT board

🚌 Put a moratorium on service reductions and cuts

🚌 Create a permanent zero-fare program for all SNAP/EBT recipients 

🚌 Build more affordable, transit-oriented development

🚌 Work with Mayor Gainey and other local leaders to invest infrastructure dollars to improve transit, and pass pro-transit zoning reforms at the municipal level

🚌 Establish more communication between PRT and the community and transit advocates 

🚌 Fully implement a bulk pass discount program to get large employers to pre-pay for transit passes for their employees

🚌 Seek PILOT payments or additional taxes from large employers and non-profits

🚌 Create a new position at PRT focused on language accessibility and disability access

Michael Lamb
61 Years Old

 In PPT’s #VoteTransit Questionnaire Michael commits to use the office of Allegheny County Executive to:

🚌 Turn the discount fair pilot program into a zero fare program for all SNAP/EBT households in Allegheny County.

🚌Increase transit-oriented development

🚌Support incentives and requirements to significantly increase affordable housing

🚌Ensure that PRT and county government regularly hear from transit riders and workers to keep county gov accountable

🚌Increase transit funding by leveraging state and federal funding, along with greater contributions from corporations and our largest employers

🚌Require corporations and our largest employers to pay their fair share and contribute to our communities.

🚌Ensure that no one in our communities is ever excluded because of a disability, a language barrier, or any other reason

John Weinstein
59 Years Old

In PPT’s #VoteTransit Questionnaire, John commits to use the office of Allegheny County Executive to:

🚌Engage at all local levels to determine local needs

🚌Utilize private-public partnerships to fund a permanent zero fare program for all SNAP/EBT households in Allegheny County

🚌Regularly hold listening sessions to dentify systemic problems and coverage gaps. Adapt as necessary

🚌Promote internal efficiencies

🚌Expand the fleet’s transition to electric buses

🚌Call for a funding increase from the Allegheny Regional Asset District.

🚌Promote inclusivity and welcome individuals of all backgrounds

David Fawcett
64 Years Old

In PPT’s #VoteTransit Questionnaire, Dave commits to use the office of Allegheny County Executive to:

🚌 Cut or eliminate fares for those under the median income level

🚌Address the issue of the ongoing shortage of operators

🚌Expand transit service in Allegheny County

🚌Encourage employers and non-profits to supplement or fully pay fares for their students, patients and employees

🚌Encourage the passage of local zoning ordinance changes to require affordable housing

🚌Require developers to build affordable housing if they receive any sort of public funding for their development

🚌Encourage PRT to investment in better facilities and stops near actual and potential affordable housing sites

🚌Appoint riders to the PRT Board

🚌Insist that PRT make changes in routes, facilities and programs as suggested by transit riders

🚌Appoint a member of the Board to represent the interests of the disability community and other minority populations.

Will Parker
40 Years Old

In PPT’s #VoteTransit Questionnaire, Will commits to use the office of Allegheny County Executive to:

🚌 Update the bus schedules to real times, delays, and potential road closures

🚌Work with developers and make sure affordable housing guidelines in place before any contracts are approved.

🚌Invest in new technology and add rating features on the bus for transit riders to give real-time feedback

🚌Increase funding for PRT by partnering with corporations, local businesses, and nonprofits

🚌Always consider both language barriers and disability barriers when making critical decisions around them

PPT did not receive answers from Joe Rockey or Theresa Colaizzi.

Make the #VoteTransit pledge to elect a County Executive who will make a permanent discount-fare program expanded to all low-income residents in Allegheny County, develop ample affordable housing near great transit, and increase funding to expand our service: