#VoteTransit Textbank for County Exec Election

image description: graphic has a clipart photo of a person with short hair holding a cellphone to their ear. There is a clipart speech-bubble pointed to them that if filled with photos of PRT buses. Text in the bottom right corner reads “Election Day is May 16th #VoteTransit”

Help transit riders get to the polls to vote in the most consequential election for our transit in the last decade!

Primary Election Day is fast approaching on May 16th and there is a lot at stake for public transit riders in the Allegheny County Executive race! The Allegheny County Executive has the most power of any local official when it comes to public transit. They control the majority of the appointments to the PRT board, they control billions of dollars that can expand the zero-fare transit program pilot, and they control a number of other departments and policies that can transform transit for riders.

Pittsburghers for Public Transit has spent the last few months getting to hear from the different County Executive candidates to learn about their transit priorities. 4 candidates joined us for bus ride-alongs to learn about the issues that transit riders are having. 5 candidates submitted responses to our Transit Justice Questionnaire with their transit platform. We promoted the information about the candidates’ transit plans to thousands of transit riders. We’ve canvassed at bus stops. We’ve sent mailers. We’ve held textbanks and phonebanks. And with just a few days left, we can’t stop now!

Help to bring this election home for the public transit we deserve! Volunteer with us to spread the word and make sure that riders #VoteTransit. We need to put the biggest transit champion in the Allegheny County Executive seat!