Action Alert! for the Next County Exec to Expand the Zero-fare Program

image description: PPT member Debra Green leads a rally for affordable fares. She is smiling and has her fist raised in the air. PPT Members stand behind her holding signs.

Free transit is on the line in the Allegheny County Executive Election on May 16!

Transit riders were successful in advocating for a program to test free fares, but now YOU can help make it permanent and expanded for all low-income riders.

Will you sign the petition to demand that the next Allegheny County Executive extends free transit to all SNAP recipients?


In Allegheny County, our transit fare system charges the poorest riders the most, which keeps families from getting groceries, accessing medical care, childcare, employment, and connecting with loved ones. This is neither just nor sustainable. 

No one shouldn be forced to choose between buying food or having bus fare. Members of Pittsburghers for Public Transit– along with allies organizing for housing justice, food justice, and worker justice– have made the demand for free fares for years. As a result, we won a 1-year pilot program giving free fares to thousands of low-income riders in the County! Now it’s our opportunity to make the program permanent, and expand zero-fares for all families with SNAP (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program) in Allegheny County… and the County Executive election is our path to achieve that.

So what does the County Executive have to do with public transit? 

The Allegheny County Executive (ACE) is the most powerful elected position in our region, and has the power to pass policies that support transit riders and transit workers. In addition to appointing over half of the Board at Pittsburgh Regional Transit (formerly Port Authority), the County Executive controls more than a billion dollars in the County budget and can ensure that the temporary Discounted Fares Pilot Program is funded permanently, and expanded to all SNAP households.

Bus fares are not the only thing that the Count Executive can improve. We also need more transit service, safe sidewalks, and bus shelters all throughout the county, and housing that we can afford to live in by transit. You can learn more about where each candidate stands on these critical transit rider issues by checking out this candidate questionnaire that Pittsburghers for Public Transit put together.

Will you sign this petition to help us send a message to all the candidates running for Allegheny County Executive? The time for a zero-fare program for low-income riders is NOW! 

Pledge to #votetransit by May 16th to secure free transit for all SNAP recipients in our county. 

Free transit for SNAP recipients would be transformational for Allegheny County. You can sign on to help expand it to all.