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Help rally 200 supporters before the end of 2019

“We all rise up when we center those who are at the margins.” -Ms. Pearl Hughey, PPT Member You can build this grassroots movement for transit equity, one that centers the leadership and value of those most marginalized. Donate today to push PPT’s rider-led advocacy towards our year-end goal of raising $10,000 and activating 200 […]

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: Year-end Fundraising Campaign & Party

You can make PPT’s Year-end Party and Fundraising Campaign a success! There are lots of opportunities for our members and supporters to get involved: volunteer phonebanks, party potlucks, and fundraising teams. Your involvement can help PPT reach our goal of recruiting 200 supporters and raising $10,000. Below are the different opportunities. Please sign lend a […]

Process Improvements for Bus Stop Consolidation

What is “Bus Stop Consolidation”? Near the beginning of September, the Port Authority unrolled a new Bus Stop Consolidation program. Their website reads; Your bus stop is the welcome mat to our service. For a better transit experience, we plan to reduce the number of bus stops throughout our system to improve on-time performance while […]

Sign the Petition: Our Money. Our Solutions.

We know how to improve mobility for our communities. For years, our neighbors in Hazelwood, Four Mile Run, Greenfield, Panther Hollow, Squirrel Hill and the surrounding communities have put forward ideas to improve our mobility: accessible sidewalks, expanded transit service, bike trail connections, and safe pedestrian crossings on busy streets Time and time again, we’ve […]

One Day Longer: Buses for Perry Highway Campaign Wins Service!

Congratulations to the Northland Library, CCAC North, Crisis Center North and the hundreds of residents, political officials and businesses along the Perry Highway corridor who have kept up the advocacy for transit service to the corridor for the last five years! We are particularly grateful for the longtime support of the Ross Township Commission and […]

PPT Speaks Up for Transit + Affordable Housing at new Giant Eagle Shakespeare Development

During yesterday’s City Planning Commission meeting, Commissioners approved a zoning change that will allow for housing to be built at the Giant Eagle Shakespeare site next to the East Busway Station. Before the vote was taken, Pittsburghers for Public Transit’s Community Organizer, Josh Malloy, and Director, Laura Wiens, gave testimony to talk about the importance […]