New Advocate Energy on the Pittsburgh Regional Transit Board of Directors!

image description: photo of Bobbie Fan with caption “Bobbie Fan, PPT Member newly appointed to the PRT Board of Directors” next to text that reads “Congrats, Bobbie!”

County Executive Sara Innamorato appoints PPT Member Bobbie Fan to the Pittsburgh Regional Transit Board of Directors! Congratulations, Bobbie!

On July 2nd, Allegheny County Council confirmed County Executive Innamorato’s appointment of Bobbie Fan to the Pittsburgh Regional Transit Board of Directors. Check out the official vote here.

Bobbie Fan is a long-time member at Pittsburghers for Public Transit and an active transit rider. They have led our Research Committee for years and were instrumental in the publication of our many reports. Bobbie’s work and these reports have been the backbone of our campaigns and have led to some big victories like winning the new Allegheny Go low-income fare program, winning improvements to extend the East Busway, and defeating the Mon Oakland Connector.

It is a major win for transit riders to have Bobbie’s data-skills and deep belief in grassroots organizing added to the board. Getting riders and transit advocates appointed to the agency board was one of our core demands in last year’s County Executive Race. And because thousands of people organized with Pittsburghers for Public Transit during last year’s race to make transit a top issue, County Executive Innamorato promised to appoint riders and workers to the board. With this appointment, the Executive begins to make good on that promise.

After the County Council approved their appointment on 7/2, Bobbie said:

Pittsburghers for Public Transit has been pushing for years and years for the Pittsburgh Regional Transit board to be more representative of transit riders, workers, members of the disability community, advocates and communities of color. Joining the PRT Board as a nominee from Pittsburghers for Public Transit is just one step in continuing to make sure that rider voices and needs are heard and acted upon.  I look forward to pushing for structural changes and improvements for a better transit system and more livable region that elevates the knowledge and visions of transit riders and workers.

We send huge thanks to Sara Innamorato and all County Councilmembers for the nomination an approval. This is a major win thanks to grassroots organizing. We encourage all to become a PPT Member today and grow our power!