Pledge to #VoteTransit for the Allegheny County Executive Election

Image Description: Graphic shows photo of Sara Innamorato and photo of Joe Rockey. There are check boxes below each candidate’s image that say “#VoteTransit Q&A” and “Transit Ride-Along w PPT”. Sara Innamorato’s boxes have check marks. Joe Rockey’s do not

Transit riders! Make the pledge to #VoteTransit on November 7th in the Allegheny County Executive Election. We need a leader in office who will do the most for transit riders and our transit system.

Voters will roll to the polls to elect a new leader for the MOST POWERFUL REGIONAL OFFICE FOR PUBLIC TRANSIT, the Allegheny County Executive. The County Executive appoints a majority of PRT Board members, they control billions of public dollars, and set policy that can transform transit. Riders need to learn the public transit platforms that each candidate will bring to office and VOTE for the candidate who shares our vision.

This past Spring, PPT issued a #VoteTransit Questionnaire to each of the candidates for County Executive. We wanted to give the candidates an opportunity to lay out the priorities that they have for public transit, affordable housing, economic and environmental justice.

We also want riders to get familiar with these candidates and pledge to #VoteTransit for an Executive who will do the most for transit riders and our transit system.

Here’s a summary of what each candidate said in our #Vote Transit Candidate Questionnaire:

Sara Innamorato
38 Years Old

In PPT’s #VoteTransit Questionnaire, Sara commits to use the office of Allegheny County Executive to:

🚌 Appoint at least one rider and one operator to the PRT board

🚌 Put a moratorium on service reductions and cuts

🚌 Create a permanent zero-fare program for all SNAP/EBT recipients 

🚌 Build more affordable, transit-oriented development

🚌 Work with Mayor Gainey and other local leaders to invest infrastructure dollars to improve transit, and pass pro-transit zoning reforms at the municipal level

🚌 Establish more communication between PRT and the community and transit advocates 

🚌 Fully implement a bulk pass discount program to get large employers to pre-pay for transit passes for their employees

🚌 Seek PILOT payments or additional taxes from large employers and non-profits

🚌 Create a new position at PRT focused on language accessibility and disability access

Joe Rockey
59 Years Old

Joe Rockey did not return answers to PPT’s #VoteTransit candidate questionnaire. Rockey also did not accept our invitation to join us for a transit ride along.