Sign the Petition: Demand that PRT Reverse the Cuts!

image description: petition flyer has an image of PPT Member Lorita Gillespie speaking at the September 29th rally to reverse the cuts. Text says “Reverse the Cuts! Sign the petition. Share your story. Major transit changes were implemented October 1st to the 61s, 71s and nearly 40 other routes. Help organize for improvements by taking action now.” with an arrow to a QR code.

Reverse the cuts! Take action by signing the petition to PRT. We want a rapid transit plan that brings more access, not less.

Major service changes went into effect on October 1st. These changes included major service cuts on the 61D Murray, 71A Negley, 71C Point Breeze, and 71D Hamilton, and changes on nearly 40 other routes. These changes are leading to longer wait times, more crowded buses, and higher fares. No Bus Rapid Transit project should take away service. Riders want Pittsburgh Regional Transit to reverse the cuts and restore our service back!

Sign the petition to reverse the cuts! You can help build a BRT for all.


What are you seeing on the buses? Share your photos and videos with Pittsburghers for Public Transit to advocate for change.

We need to show what is happening on the streets. Has your bus been crowded? Are you missing transfers? Take two minutes to email us your photos and videos so we can build up a library of stories to strengthen our demand for change.

Share to social media with the hashtag #NotMyBRT

Use social media to get the word out about how these changes are impacting you. Use the hashtag #NotMyBRT to we can tell our story.