Send Love to Ms. Lisa Gonzalez’s Memory, She Taught Us How to Fight

image description: photo of Ms Lisa Gonzalez holding a book about Claudette Colvin.

Ms. Lisa was a long-time Board Member who led Pittsburghers for Public Transit’s campaign for transit justice. Her passing is a heartbreak for all in the movement. Please take a moment today to share your memories of Ms. Lisa and send condolences to her family.

After a long battle with cancer, Ms. Lisa Gonzalez passed away on September 24th. Ms. Lisa was a true freedom fighter who led campaigns for transit justice and housing justice, education justice and many other issues critical for the well-being, organizing with dozens of groups active on the local, state, and national levels. You can read Ms. Lisa’s obituary here.


Email your photos of Ms. Lisa to us at and we will add them to this memorial wall:

video description: Ms. Lisa speaks one on one w Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg and advocates for free fares for all families on the SNAP program
image description: Ms. Lisa poses with PPT Member Phyllis at a rally to stop armed police officers from collecting fares on the T. Snow is on the ground. She wears a big winter coat and holds a colorful sign that reads “Transportation Not Deportation”.
image description: Ms. Lisa wears a red PPT t-shirt and poses in a line with PPT Members Debra, Debra, Terri and Josh.
Image description: Ms Lisa poses with fellow advocates with her fist raised at the 2018 Housing Summit party in front of a banner that reads Housing is a Human Right
Image Description: Ms. Lisa stops by the 2022 PPT Summer Picnic and speaks with her friend and PPT Member Ms. Char.
image description: photo of Ms Lisa Gonzalez holding a book about Claudette Colvin.
image description: Ms. Lisa sits on a bench across from Secretary Pete Buttigieg and advocates for free fares for all SNAP households in the United States.

Some messages from the PPT Community

Ms. Lisa was tireless. She was involved in so many communities and she was a huge advocate for transit. I really enjoyed getting to know her over the years and I am so sad that she has left us. She was a powerful woman and will be missed.
– Jess

I feel honored to have worked beside Lisa in Pittsburghers for Public Transit for many years as she developed into a true community leader and fighter. All too often, it is those who give the militant speeches and the firebrands who are seen as truly representative of the organization and who are the leaders. In fact, it is the Lisa Gonzalez of the world who wage the fight for justice and freedom in any way and every way the organization needs who show us the way to win. I visited Lisa in her last months in the rehab facility and enjoyed our conversations about friends and family. RIP Lisa, you live on.
– Mel

Mrs. Lisa was always a shining star in our organization. She will be sorely missed. She will be in my eyes, a Legacy in Pittsburgh and the Transit World.
– Kevin

A caring loving person who will be truly missed
– Robbin

I cannot remember exactly what action/rally it was where I met Lisa. She seemed to be everywhere advocating for transit, housing, fair wages and workers rights. Always determined and willing to speak up for justice for the poor snd working class and always giving her time and energy wherever it was needed. I last saw her in the summer of 2022 at Moore pool in Brookline. She was working the entrance on a beautiful summer day and we spoke for a few minutes. May her light and energy continue to inspire us all Condolences to family and friends.
– Tom

Ms. Lisa overflowed with love and strength. I hope her family and close loved ones feel her presence echoing around them and receive so much support in this moment. Ms. Lisa was a clear-voiced advocate for justice and I’m grateful to have worked with her on PPT’s coordinating committee. What I will remember most vividly is her laugh, which always made me feel like she was letting me know we were together on the inside of a shared understanding. I’m grateful to have known her <3.
– Gabriel