Riders Rally to Stop Cuts, Call for Improvements!

image description: Duquesne worker Kathleen Lynch speaks at the 9/29 rally calling for a BRT system that makes more access, not less. She’s surrounded by PPT Members who hold yellow signs with red text that reads “Transit Moves Us”.

Riders TURNED OUT Friday to speak directly to the board and call for a stop to these cuts. SUPPORT THE CALL for BRT improvements by signing the petition today!

Did you hear? This Friday, PPT members and allies came together to protest proposed service cuts to the 61 and 71 bus routes–and it was absolute fire! We rallied, we marched to the PRT Board meeting, and we testified: these proposed service cuts are unacceptable. They will result in longer wait time, more crowding, and a higher cost to ride for everyone who uses these affected routes. Our members spoke out about their experiences, and how these cuts will disproportionately harm our most vulnerable neighbors–disabled neighbors, elder neighbors, and neighbors without Connect Cards most of all. 

We are so energized and grateful for everyone who supported us in this powerful moment. When we come together and leverage our strength as a community, we can accomplish so much–and Friday’s rally was a testament to that power! 

But this fight isn’t over yet. 

You can support us now by signing our petition. If you think that crowded buses, longer waits, and higher fares on some of our most crucial connecting routes are unacceptable, add your name to the list, and we can make our shared voice even louder. 

Media Round-up!

Photos from the Rally


Sign the petition! Demand that PRT reverses the cuts and creates more access to transit, not less: