CALL FOR ARTISTS: Future of Transit Justice Graphic Novel Series

“Equitable Transit Funding” graphic from Meg Flores

Are you an activist-minded illustrator or graphic novelist? A movement artist who is skilled at sketch-noting? Looking to make a little extra money and help out a good cause at the same time?

PPT wants to visualize the future of transit justice and we need you.

An expanded, accessible transit network to connect our region and beyond? A full fleet of electric buses? Walkable communities with family-owned businesses and affordable housing? A system without fares? A Green New Deal moved forward by transit labor? A transit agency led by its riders? Robust transit funding with corporations paying their fair share? Intersectional coalitions that organize boldly for collective liberation?

The true freedom to move?

Led by our members, PPT is moving to create a 4-part graphic novel series to tell the story of how our future transit system looks when riders & operators have organized and won campaigns for transit equity. Through a series of moderated brainstorming workshops, PPT members will develop a shared vision of how our communities are transformed by deep rider-led organizing. We’ll work together with writers and artists connected to the movement to create a story that actually illustrates what this future looks like.

We are currently putting a call out for two types of contract-based artist/organizer positions.

🌟POC, womyn, femmes, young folks, differently-abled people, and LGBTQ people are highly encouraged to apply:🌟

  •  Sketch-note artists // three to twelve positions available // a commitment of 3-12 hours @ $20/hr // We need activist-minded artists who will listen closely as the members of our organization articulate their visions of what the best future public transportation would look like in our town. While that’s happening, artists will draw those visions in the form of sketch-notes that are clear, vibrant, energetic and evocative. Finally, we’ll debrief with the other artists about what members said and answer questions to help the Lead Graphic Novelist pull together our cohesive vision.
  • Lead Graphic Novelist & Facilitator // one to four positions available // $400 per Graphic Novel // Should be movement artists with experience facilitating organizing conversations. These people will work with PPT staff & Communications Committee to design & facilitate the brainstorm sessions with members. They will debrief with the other artists after the workshop. And will be responsible for incorporating the ideas of all members and artists into a collective graphic novel that will inspire future transit activists!

⚡🔮⚡ All artists should come ready for deep collaboration & ideation. ⚡🔮⚡

Interested? Apply via this Google Form! APPLICATION DEADLINE: February 28th

Our first brainstorm session is scheduled for March 11th, 7pm at 1 Smithfield Street.

PPT members will be selecting the artists democratically. So applicants should be ready to have their work shared, and be available for a quick interview.

Additionally, we’ll do a prep call with the entire artist team before our brainstorm workshop. And a team debrief after the activity on the 11th.

Got questions? Contact Dan Yablonsky at 551-206-3320 or with your info, samples, and the positions you’re interested in.