Hope you are all enjoying the 44! We want to get a good idea of how having your bus back has affected your life and the lives of your community members. Please take a moment to fill out this survey and share it with your neighbors!

Bus Service and Ridership Impact Survey

Keep riding!

We got the buses back!

Residents from Garfield came out to speak about the need for weekend service on the 89 at the February 26th Port Authority board meeting. Baldwin residents came out in support of Garfield’s fight for service and to highlight how adequate transit has improved the lives of people in their community.

IMG_6397 garfiled

Terry Breisinger and Dennis Donahoe of Baldwin and Annie McGowan, Mary Johnson, and Donna Lee Terry came together to speak to the Port Authority board about the need for solidarity between communities.

After being stuck in a transit desert for years, residents celebrated their inaugural rides into town this morning! Dozens of Baldwin community members, along with Pittsburghers for Public Transit, rode the 44 Knoxville to downtown Pittsburgh. Even more supporters joined them for a celebratory rally at 6th Ave and Wood St.

Riders spoke about all the work they had done in the past year to advocate for service in their communities, and they thanked Port Authority and elected officials for listening to their concerns. Dennis Donahoe, resident at Churchview Garden Apartments in Baldwin borough, was thrilled to get the service back and shared his pride for everyone who came together to make this happen.


Restored Service To Baldwin, Groveton Squelches Four-Year ‘Transit Desert’

Coverage of our celebratory rally!

Laura Wiens, emcee of the rally, celebrates restoration of PAT service to parts of Baldwin and Groveton

September 9, 2015

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Extended bus route in Baldwin Borough gives riders more options

Jennifer and Jon Herron, both 30, stand by a new bus stop across from their home in Baldwin Borough on Thursday, Aug. 6, 2015. Jennifer Herron lives in Baldwin and works Downtown – she carpools but soon will take the new Port Authority 44 Knoxville, which will stop right by her house.

Community organizer for Pittsburghers for Public Transit Molly Nichols of Regent Square pushes her bike up a hill in Baldwin Borough to one of the new bus stops that will be available to the area on Thursday, Aug. 6, 2015. Nichols organized the community to work to regain some bus service that was eliminated in previous years.

August  12, 2015
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The Baldwin Campaign to Restore Public Transit

Since May 2014, Baldwin residents–in collaboration with Pittsburghers for Public Transit–have been working on a campaign to restore much needed bus service to their community.

Save the Date

Thursday April 23 @ 7:00 PM at the Baldwin Borough Building, 3344 Churchview Ave.

We will have our next Buses for Baldwin Community Meeting. We have been working since May to get transit service into the community. This meeting is a chance for residents to: a) get updates on the campaign, b) learn about more ways to get involved, and c) hear from elected officials who have been supporting our efforts.

Here are a few updates from the campaign that have happened up until now:

·         We presented our cause at the  monthly  Port Authority Board meetings

·         We had a “Call in Campaign” where we called local officials and Port Authority to remind them of our cause and to seek their continued support

·         We met with County Executive Fitzgerald,  Port Authority Chairman Bob Hurley, and  Councilman Palmiere

·         We met with Port Authority Chairman Bob Hurley and members of Port Authority staff to discuss specifics of Baldwin Bus Routes

We would also like to hear thoughts from you regarding how we can most effectively continue this Baldwin for Buses Campaign. We feel that great strides have been made and we need continued support and action to reach our Goal of Bus Service.

We have made a strong case to the Port Authority, and they are in the process of determining where they can add service next year. Now is a crucial time to make sure they know what our community needs!

Thank You so much for your past support and work !!  Join us at the meeting so we can get this job DONE !!

Please click on this link for a flier, and consider sharing it with your neighbors or posting at a local business. We hope to see you on the 23rd!

Questions? email or

Ways to Get Involved:

  • Sign our petition! You can print out this copy and get 10 neighbors to sign. Please return to the Baldwin Borough building. (Any resident of Allegheny county can sign)
  • Participate in the public comment period at Port Authority board meetings to publicly express concerns about the lack of transit in the borough (the next one is Friday, April 24 at 9:30AM at 345 Sixth Ave in Downtown Pittsburgh, and you have to register at least a week in advance). Read all the information in PPT’s handout about Speaking at a Port Authority Board Meeting.
  • Participate in a letter-writing campaign to transit decision-makers, including our County Executive and the Port Authority’s CEO and Chair of the Board. For tips, contact information, and a sample letter, see PPT’s handout about Writing a Letter to Transit Decision-makers.

The Campaign

While PPT affirms that our public transit system should meet the needs of every community in Allegheny County, we began this campaign to restore service in Baldwin for the following reasons:

  1. North Baldwin is part of an inner-ring suburb just 6 miles from downtown Pittsburgh.
  2. The community is only a few miles from transit assets, including the West Mifflin Garage and the South Busway.
  3. There is currently an exceptionally large service gap; many residents have to walk over 2 miles to the nearest bus stop.
  4. The 50 Spencer, before it was cut, had a ridership of over 500 people per day.
  5. Over 500 residents have demonstrated that they want their buses back and are putting forth the effort to make that happen.

What the campaign has accomplished

  • 540 surveys have been conducted (see below)
  • 82 people attended a community meeting at the Borough Building to discuss transit needs on June 18th, 2014.
  • A delegation of 12 residents met with Port Authority staff on June 30, 2014
  • Many residents have sent letters expressing their concerns to Ellen McLean, Robert Hurley, and Rich Fitzgerald.
  • 5 residents have spoken during the public comment period at the Port Authority Board meetings in May and June.
  • 50 people attended a community meeting on July 9th, 2014, to get an update on the campaign and to plan next steps
  • 12 volunteers staffed the Baldwin Community Day booth on Aug 2nd. They collected 300 petition signatures. The winner of the free raffle said she had never won anything in her life! Hopefully the next win will be restored bus service in Baldwin!
  • 30 people attended a community meeting on Aug 5th, 2014 to continue work on this campaign.
  • The Walk for Transit on Saturday Sept 6 was a complete success with over 100 participants. See here for details

Media Coverage:

Mass Transit Needs Survey and Results

From May 1 to July 9, Pittsburghers for Public Transit (PPT) conducted a survey to understand the transit needs in North Baldwin, since the 50 Spencer route was cut in 2011. The survey was distributed online, door-to-door, and at churches and organizations throughout the community. Here are the preliminary results:

➢ 495 residents have completed the survey

➢ 479 participants (97%) indicate that transit is important in their community

➢ 429 participants (87%) assert they will use transit service if it is restored (for work, shopping, health care, etc.)

➢ 328 participants (66%) indicate a willingness to participate in efforts to restore service

➢ The majority would ride 6-9 am and 3-6 pm; some indicated a need for mid-day, evening, and weekend service.

If you are a resident of Baldwin, Brentwood, or Carrick and have not completed the survey, you can do so here:

Pittsburghers for Public Transit is asking for your help in assessing the need for mass transit in the North Baldwin, Brentwood, and Carrick communities.  We are well aware of the lack of mass transit in your community and ask that you take a few minutes to fill out the following survey so we may better understand the needs of this community and communicate them to decision-makers. Please encourage your neighbors to fill out the survey as well!  Knowing what the community’s needs are is the first step towards restoring and improving transit service and access.

CLICK HERE to take the BALDWIN-specific Community Mass Transit Survey online!