Come Party With Us! 2021 Was a Year of Transit Campaigns Worth Celebrating

Image description: PPT’s Year-End Campaign artwork designed by Pedro Ibarra. Three people gather under a bus shelter, two are standing, one is in a wheelchair. All are smiling and holding signs for transit justice. There are rain clouds and lightning outside the shelter with text that reads “we are the shelter we are the storm”

In 2021, PPT members brought both the SHELTER and the STORM! Join us to celebrate a year of successful (and hard-fought) transit organizing.

In 2021, PPT members brought both the SHELTER and the STORM.

This year was hard – the crushing effects of the pandemic, a transit death spiral, a transit funding cliff. Jobs and housing lost. PPT members had to organize together to provide shelter for our neighbors and communities. But we didn’t stop there.

Our organizing was a FORCE. We launched a statewide campaign for expanded transit funding. We built a base to put a pro-public transit mayor in office. We laid the groundwork for a low-income fare program. We continued our push to extend the East Busway and we WON MILLIONS of federal dollars that can make it all real!

Join PPT for our year-end celebration of this phenomenal storm of organizing energy. We’re partying on ZOOM, with awards, games, and music in the mix. You helped get us this far, now come party with us!

RSVP by December 7th and we’ll mail you a surprise party-pack of goodies that you can bring with you to the online celebration!