CONTACT YOUR SENATORS: Push for $32B to Save transit & Save PA

The US House of Representatives passed a significant increase in COVID-19 relief funding for transit systems. But the Senate has yet to act. We need our Senators to be a transit champion and pass full funding for transit to keep riders — and the economy — moving.

Public transit revenue has cratered during the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Transit agencies are bleeding millions of dollars weekly.
  • Unless Congress delivers, this shortfall will mean fare hikes, service cuts, and shutdowns.
  • Congress needs to invest the $32 billion to address the projected shortfall.

Public transit is the engine that drives the US economy. Without a fully operational transit system that people can rely on to get to work, school, dining, shopping, and health care, there is no economic recovery.

To beat COVID-19 and provide the confidence people need to return to public transit and reopen the economy, Congress must invest in transit health and safety protocols and full-service levels.

Use the form below to send your letter to PA Senators Bob Casey & Pat Toomey.

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