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Beacon and Murray to Forbes and Murray in Squirrel Hill at NOON

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The Port Authority plans to institute an unnecessary and devastating 15 percent service cut on March 27th. Transit riders, workers, and all those concerned about the health of our city must show Port Authority’s management and the politicians that run our county and state that we won’t stand for this attack against our transit system. Wisconsin and Egypt have shown us the way to fight back!


More transit, not less!

Stop the March 27th cuts!

Dedicated transit funding now!

No to privatization!

Port Authority’s workers are the heartbeat of our city, not the problem! Defend their livelihoods!

Fund transit instead of bailouts, wars, and tax cuts for the ultra-rich!

Please forward as widely as possible! This issue effects every person living in Allegheny County! The cuts WILL put thousands more cars on the road, so even if you drive, your daily commute will become much longer!

Organized by Pittsburghers for Public Transit and ATU Local 85

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