Meet PPTs Newest Communications Intern, Spencer!

image description: Spencer poses for a professional black and white headshot with a dark shirt against a white brick wall.

Meet Spencer Jackson! PPT’s newest intern, and a Pittsburgh-based Graphic Designer. Learn a little more about Spencer by reading his bio and some interview answers below:

Spencer is a seasoned graphic design professional skilled in innovation consulting and brand development. With a sharp eye for detail and a flair for creativity, he consistently delivers exceptional design solutions across industries. At RMU’s Massey Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Spencer collaborates with leadership to drive projects aligned with strategic goals, exceeding client expectations with visually captivating designs within tight deadlines.

Through his business, Cer J. Design, Spencer enhances brand recognition by crafting distinctive logos, staying updated on industry trends and utilizing cutting-edge design software. His diverse roles, including Graphic Designer at Robert Morris University and Boosted, showcase his versatility in print and digital design, consistently resonating with target audiences and contributing to project success. 

Spencer holds a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and a Certificate in Entrepreneurship & Innovation from Robert Morris University, equipped with expertise in Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office Suite. Recipient of accolades like the Bow Tie Award and RMU Signature Leadership Award, Spencer’s dedication to excellence and proven ability to translate concepts into compelling visuals make him an asset to any design-centric endeavor.

Time for a little Q&A with Spencer!

Q: What’s your experience with Pittsburgh transit? What routes have you ridden during different parts of your life? How has the system changed for you?

A: Throughout my life, I have ridden the 31 and 41. Coming from where I live, we only have the Washington Transit Authority Bus (Freedom Transit).

Q: What inspired you to pursue Graphic Design?

A: I’ve always been drawn to the power of visual communication. Whether it’s through branding, logos, or graphics, I believe design has the ability to convey messages and evoke emotions in ways that words alone cannot.

Q: As a graphic designer, how do you collaborate with organizations like Pittsburghers for Public Transit (PPT) to ensure that design solutions align with their advocacy goals and resonate with transit riders and workers?

A: Collaboration is key to creating impactful design solutions that meet the needs of advocacy organizations like Pittsburghers for Public Transit (PPT). By actively listening to their goals, understanding their target audience, and involving them in the design process, we can co-create visually compelling materials that effectively communicate their message. Regular feedback loops, iterative design revisions, and a shared commitment to the cause ensure that design solutions are not only aesthetically pleasing but also strategically aligned with advocacy objectives.

Q: As an Innovation Consultant at the Massey Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation, how do you balance creativity with strategic objectives?

A: In my role, I collaborate closely with leadership to ensure that design projects align with strategic goals. While creativity is essential, it’s important to also consider the broader objectives and audience preferences to deliver impactful designs.

Q: Tell us about your venture, Cer J. Design, and how you craft compelling visual identities for clients.

A: Cer J. Design is a strategic design firm that bridges branding and strategy to create timeless and impactful brands. We specialize in crafting brand identities that resonate with audiences, fostering lasting connections and driving sustained success in the marketplace.

Q: What is your favorite music?

A: Music is my lifeline. My music taste is all over the place but that’s good for me. My music ranges from reggae to lofi/alternative music. Some of my favorite artists include:

  1. Cautious Clay
  2. Jungle
  3. Little Dragon
  4. Mereba
  5. Bob & Damian Marley

Work with Spencer this spring along with the other PPT Members who are shaping the narrative about the power of transit riders by signing up for the Communications Committee today!