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March 2018 Newsletter: “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!

“The developer wants tax breaks
and a highway system
for his shopping mall and subdivisions.

Build it, and the developer will come. ”

-Jonathan Robison

Transit lines are life lines! And, many times, the source of inspiration for art! If folks have any transit-related poems, drawings, stories etc they’d like to share, please email them to and we’ll feature them on our website!

Check out to see pictures and updates from our most recent meetings and actions and check out our campaign page for a comprehensive list of everything PPT is working on.And if you’re not already on our email list but would like to be, please email

Happy transit riding and writing!

Upcoming Events

Also, there’s a bunch of events and meetings coming up! Take a look at what’s planned for the next month:

Tuesday, March 6th: County Council meeting at 5pm at the Allegheny County Courthouse (436 Grant Street) on the 4th floor in the Gold Room.

Wednesday, March 7thInternational Women’s Strike panel from 6:30-8:30pm at 1 Smithfield Street in the Liberty Room

Thursday, March 8thURA meeting at 2pm at 200 Ross Street in the Wherrett Room on the 13th floor

Thursday, March 8thInternational Women’s Strike rally from 10:30am-1:00pm at the City County Building (414 Grant Street), see flier below

Wednesday, March 14thMarch meeting for Pittsburghers for Public Transit from 6pm-9pm at 1 Smithfield Street (social hour from 6-7pm and meeting from 7-9pm)

Mon Oakland Connnector Meeting Raises Concerns about Autonomous Vehicles and Shows Lack of Public Process

A public meeting to discuss the possibilities for the Mon Oakland connector raised some serious concerns about the lack of transparency around goals, the fact that this service threatens to compete with Port Authority rather than enhance it, and that there is no talk about the impact of autonomous vehicles on transit jobs. There is also no public discussion about costs to taxpayers (particularly the cost per rider), and the lack of accountability inherent to public-private partnerships.

The City of Pittsburgh is calling for feedback about the proposed “Mon-Oakland connector” at this email address: The website also has a presentation with their proposed routing and a chart showing the City’s preference for autonomous microtransit vehicles over buses.

We encourage folks to write to, particularly to ask why the Port Authority is not being invited to be a key planning entity in this process.

BRT Campaign Gains Traction and Press Coverage, Lots of Enthusiasm at Planning Meeting in Braddock

Photo: Full room at BRT Planning Meeting at the Braddock Library 

The BRT Campaign has been making great strides and gaining many supporters as well as some great press coverage. Check out Next’s City’s article about the impacts to Mon Valley Riders, as well as articles from the TribPost-Gazette, and WESA that lift up the issues the BRT Coalition has been raising for months!

This week, riders from the Mon Valley and supporters will be testifying at both the County Council meeting and the URA board meeting. Please come out if you’re able to so both of these entities are also held accountable for their role in the BRT proposal. The details for both meetings are below:

County Council Meeting, March 6th at 5pm at 436 Grant Street, 4th Floor             County executive Rich Fitzgerald has announced that the county is committed to the BRT, regardless of whether or not federal funding comes through for the project. The county has yet to address any of the concerns around access and equity that have been brought up repeatedly. It’s time to make sure the county’s transit plans meet the needs of ALL residents, not just the fortunate few!!

Check out the Facebook page for more information about the meeting! If you have any questions or would like more information, please email or call (718) 309-0853.
URA Board Meeting on Thursday, March 8th at 2pm at 200 Ross Street, 13th floor
The URA is another key player in the BRT proposal, along with the County, City, and Port Authority. Let’s keep them accountable too! If you are able to, please come out and support Mon Valley riders testifying at the board meeting on Thursday, March 8th at 2pm at 200 Ross Street.
To sign up or to find out more information about the meeting, please email or call (718) 309-0853.

International Women’s Day: A Panel and Strike

The International Women’s Strike is happening in Pittsburgh next Thursday, March 8th. There will be a panel on March 7th at 6:30pm at 1 Smithfield Street and a rally the next day at 10:30amat 414 Grant Street.

If you’d like more information or have any questions, please email

PPT’s March Meeting

Please join us for PPT’s March Meeting and Potluck on Wednesday, March 14th at 6pm at 1 Smithfield. We’ll have light refreshments and a short workshop starting at 6pm and will start the meeting at 7pm. We’ll be discussing the BRT and Don’t Criminalize Transit Riders Campaign, with report backs from last month’s meetings and will be planning for events over the next month.
If you have any questions about the meeting, please call (718) 309-0853 or email

PPT Board Nominations

PPT is currently accepting nominations for the coordinating committee. The coordinating committee helps guide the direction of the organization and is a decision making body for the group. Elections will take place at the next monthly meeting in March. People of color, disabled folks, low income folks, women, queer, gender non-conforming and LGBTQ folks, and those who are transit dependent are encouraged to run!

If you would like to nominate yourself or anyone else for a position or want more information about the committee, please email