More, Not Less: Transit Justice Townhall on Port Authority’s Covid-19 Response

Covid-19 has exposed the cracks in our system and pushed transit riders to the brink.

Will our transit system rise to the occasion and support essential riders? Or will we have to fight for the change to improve our lives?

What: Transit Justice Townhall on Covid-19 Response
When: June 10th, 7pm
Where: via Zoom

The people riding public transit right now are the essential workers who are keeping our society afloat. They’re allowing our transit system to function. They’re keeping hospitals and grocery stores open. They go to work every day, risking infection and death, to keep us all alive.

Transit is just as essential as housing, utilities, and food. However, whereas institutions have placed moratoriums on eviction and utility shut-offs, Port Authority is moving to reinstitute full fares for these transit riders. That is not the type of action that these riders need.

Port Authority needs to make it easier for these essentials riders to take transit to essential needs, not harder. That means:

  • Reduced fares
  • Suspend fare enforcement
  • Redistribute service to decrowd buses
  • Improve public comment & participation
  • Expand transparency about Covid-19 funding & plans
  • Provide masks & PPE for riders & workers
  • and more

We need you to bring your ideas for expanding safe public transit for essential workers, and join us at this Virtual Transit Justice Townhall on June 10th, 7pm

Participants can join online via the Zoom program, or with their phones. If you have questions, comments or concerns about accessibility, or want to get involved with planning, please reach out to