NEW VIDEO: A Look Back on PPT’s History of Winning Campaigns

video created by PPT Board Member Dean Mougianis

A new video from PPT Board Member Dean Mougianis gives a look back at our organization’s history of winning campaigns.

2012 – PPT helped to win a more stable funding stream from our state

2013-2014 – PPT worked with neighbors and bus operators to win a series of campaigns that restored and expanded transit service into neighborhoods that need it.

2016-2017 – PPT organized with neighbors in the Mon Valley to overturn a decision that would have eliminated direct service into downtown PGH and forced a transfer.

2017 – PPT worked with riders and allies at Casa San Jose, the Alliance for Police Accountability to defeat a proposal that would have placed armed police on transit to check people’s fares.

2016 – 2022 – PPT organized with neighbors in Hazelwood, The Run, and surrounding communities to defeat a proposed shuttle roadway through Schenley Park that would have exclusively benefited CMU and the Hazelwood Green development site.

2018 – 2022 – PPT worked with hundreds of riders and allies to release the #FairFares platform that outlined steps necessary for more affordable fares at Port Authority. We launched the Fair Fares for a Full Recovery Coalition, issue reports and held rallies to speak to the importance of fare affordability. In the Fall of 2022 we won a major victory when Allegheny County announced they would start a Discounted Transit Fare Pilot program to test the impact of free and reduced fares for households with SNAP/EBT benefits. Our work continues as we organize to expand this program and make it permanent for all EBT/SNAP recipients in Allegheny County.

PPT is making headlines and making history. We are shifting the idea of is possible. We are winning more affordable and accessible transit. You can help us in this work by joining as a PPT Member today!