Nominate advocates to join PPT’s Coordinating Committee

Join the core team of people who coordinate the direction of PPT

PPT’s Coordinating Committee is the equivalent of our board of directors. We are looking for people who understand the importance of our work and are looking to get more involved in directing the course of our campaigns, communications, and actions.

Structure and Expectations

There are 10 seats on PPT’s Coordinating Committee. 2 seats must be filled by members of the Amalgamated Transit Union, Local 85 – the union that represents all of the Port Authority’s bus operators and maintenance workers. The other 8 seats are filled by members who have had previous experience with PPT’s work, and are looking to bring their involvement to the next level. 

For this current election, we are looking to fill 5 seats on the Coordinating Committee; 4 from our general membership, and 1 from ATU membership.

Quality candidates are active with PPT, or bring experience that the membership finds important for moving the organization forward. 

Members are expected to attend quarterly Coordinating Committee meetings – on the second Saturday of January, April, July, and October –  should also stay engaged with General Membership Meetings on the second Wednesday of each month. 

Coordinating Committee members will need to maintain active lines of communication with PPT staff and other PPT members to advise and assist with the organization’s strategy, tactics, structure, and financial sustainability.

Terms are two years in length. Members shall not serve more than three consecutive full or partial terms, whether elected or appointed.

Nominations and Elections

People can nominate others in the community, or themselves. Nominations are open until July 8th.

Elections will be held at PPT’s July monthly meeting on July 10th. At the meeting, all nominated candidates will have space to share their vision for PPT and how their skills will help build the organization. All PPT Members in attendance will  be eligible to vote. If PPT Members are not able to join the meeting, they can reach out to to arrange for an absentee ballot. 

Nominate PPT Coordinating Committee Members today: