PPT Summer Party! Get Your Tickets Today.

image description: digital flyer for PPT Summer Party. Collage of three images from past PPT events show members smiling, wearing PPT shirts, with fists raised. A PPT logo and text is overlaid in the upper left-hand corner that reads: “PPT Summer Party. Food, Drink, Goodtimes, August 10th, 6-8pm, Bartlett Shelter, Schenley Park”.

PPT’s Summer Party to celebrate the campaigns we’ve won and the community we’ve built.

August 10th! 6-8pm! Mark your calendars for the first in-person party that PPT has held since the start of the pandemic. It’s been a long, difficult road since March 2020, but we’ve kept up our organizing and shown that transit rider power can pull us through the worst of times.

The pandemic has challenged us like never before, but we have a lot to celebrate. The PPT community has come together to push for service to be expanded to those who need it most. We’ve won the first-ever long-range plan for transit expansion – and we’ve secured millions of dollars to expand service. We defeated the Mon Oakland Connector and we’re fighting for investments in affordable housing and community needs. We’re building a strong and growing membership program to bring more people into this work.

Join us at the Bartlett Shelter in Schenley Park on August 10th, 6-8pm. Food, drinks, music, and good times will be provided. Feel free to bring a side dish or dessert to share.

Accessibility information: The Bartlett Shelter is accessible via the 58, 65, and 93 bus routes. Bike parking and car parking are also nearby. There is an overhead cover in case of rain. The shelter is approximately a 300′-500′ walk from the bus stops, parking, and nearest bathrooms. There are numerous picnic tables and benches for seating. PPT will also bring some folding chairs with and without arms for additional seating. A DJ will be playing music that can be adjusted to a volume that is comfortable for all. Please reach out to PPT with any questions or accessibility needs.

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