Got a mailing list? PPT’s new Organizing Fellowship is for you

Got a mailing list? Or an organization? Help us help you and spread the word about the new Organizing Fellowship!

As they say – help us help you! PPT’s Fellowship is a great opportunity for your own organization. Send your constituents through PPT’s Fellowship and equip them with skills to push your own issues forward. They’ll get paid too! We all benefit from having better organizers in our networks. Our work is interconnected!

PPT’s Organizing Fellowship will be training two groups of 8 organizers. These organizers will lead the campaign to build fast, frequent transit corridors through the Mon Valley and Eastern Suburbs. The Fellowship will include a series of training on the foundations of community organizing skills and tactics. Through the training, organizers will learn to map their communities and identify pressure points and opportunities. The fellowship will equip organizers with skills to move their communities! Read more about it here.

Check out the Promotion Kit that we put together for the Fellowship. It includes some sample text and images. Feel free to copy/paste into your twitter, facebook, blogs, and newsletters.

Big thanks for promoting this to your networks! This is an exciting opportunity to build skills for progressive causes. Reach out if there are any questions: