Sign the Petition: Demand that PennDOT Make McKnight Rd Safe for Transit Riders!

Image description: Black and white cartoon bus that says McKnight Rd and has a sad face next to a cautionary road sign that Route Closed. Banner beneath the image reads, Transit Riders Need Safe Stops! Take ACTION.

Sign the petition! Demand PennDOT make McKnight Rd safe for all people to move!

Image description: Bus Rider Ruby Williams will lose her stop because of new changes to McKnight Road, calls for better sidewalks and bus stop improvements.

PennDOT is about to begin a $25 million improvement project on McKnight Rd. Not a single dollar is being spent on improving sidewalks or transit access. While we understand that infrastructure upgrades are important, we demand that plans for upgrades include access and safety for pedestrians and transit riders. 

PRT bus stops for the 12 McKnight and 012 McKnight Flyer are being eliminated at Stevens Drive and Brookview Lane, leaving riders no choice but to walk or roll their mobility device farther up along the shoulder of McKnight Rd to catch their buses. Bus stops are not the only things being eliminated by this plan, the breaks in the median that allow pedestrians to cross the 4-lane road are also permanently closing. This leaves pedestrians, who already faced extreme vulnerability on this road, exposed to a greater chance of being struck by a vehicle.

Sign the petition to demand that PennDOT restore the PRT stops after construction and build better pedestrian infrastructure into these improvements!