Sign the Petition for a fare relief program to move us through COVID-19!

All public utilities and essential services have started assistance programs to support low-income residents survive the pandemic and economic depression.

The Port Authority must follow their lead and implement an emergency low-income fare program now.

Allegheny County residents have been hit hard by COVID-19 and the ensuing economic depression.

The data included in the recently released report, “No Greater Need, No Greater Opportunity: The Time for COVID-19 Fare Relief for Low-Income Pittsburghers is Now”  shows that the majority of people riding transit during COVID-19 are riding to access essential needs like food, jobs, and healthcare. And that the people riding transit are disproportionately Black and Low-income.

Moreover, the data shows that full-fares during an economic depression are harming Black and Low-income Pittsburghers and keeping them stranded from accessing life’s essentials.

Sign the petition now to support a COVID Fare Relief program to support access to food, healthcare, housing and jobs.

Volunteer to help connect with transit riders and collect support for this initiative