Support the new Transit Rider Mask Fund for Give Big Pittsburgh

Transit riders and workers are essential. They need PPE to keep safe during Covid-19.

Over 25,000 people are still riding Port Authority transit every day. These are the people who keep our hospitals, grocery stores, and pharmacies open. We rely on them to keep our families safe and fed, so let’s ensure that they stay safe by having the PPE they need.

On April 20th, Port Authority began requiring that all riders wear masks while riding transit, in line with Governor Wolf’s state health order. This was an important move to protect both riders and transit workers. However, masks are in short supply, and we know that low-income residents and our black and brown communities are both most vulnerable to the virus and least likely to have access to protective coverings. We have also seen incidents in other cities of riders without access to masks being subject to police brutality.

Pittsburghers for Public Transit started the Transit Rider Mask Fund to raise money to purchase masks for transit riders. The first round of mask distribution will give out 1,100 masks to transit riders on routes with the highest need.

You can get keep transit riders safe during this outbreak. You can keep our transit system strong.

Donate to the Transit Mask Fund to help PPT get reusable, high-quality cloth masks (with filter pockets) to transit riders who need them. All money raised will go towards purchasing and distributing masks to fellow Port Authority transit riders.