Thank You, Mayor Gainey. Let’s move on from the MOC to real transportation solutions.

image description: text reads “Thank you, Mayor Gainey! Its time for Our Money, Our Solutions, not the Mon Oakland Connector.” overlaid on a photo of a mural between Four Mile Run, Hazelwood, and Greenfield.

Join us in saying thank you Mayor Gainey for putting an end to the Mon Oakland Connector

For over six long years, residents of Hazelwood, Four Mile Run, and the surrounding neighborhoods have organized to say that public investment needs to meet public needs.

All of their efforts finally paid off on February 17th. In front of a packed community meeting filled with 100+ residents of Hazelwood and Greenfield, Mayor Ed Gainey announced: “The Mon-Oakland Connector shuttle project will not move forward.”  

The crowd erupted in cheers. Since 2015, residents have hosted rallies, circulated petitions, and organized marches to uplift the community-generated mobility plan, “Our Money. Our Solutions.” They have created protest signs, artwork, and videos. They have attended countless meetings, delivered public comments, and researched public documents. They did so to oppose the Mon-Oakland Connector—and to push for reinvestment of its funds in real community needs: affordable housing, accessible transportation, better bus facilities, and safer sidewalks..

Join us now and sign our thank-you card to Mayor Ed Gainey for moving on from the Mon-Oakland Connector. 

Now it is time to invest in Our Money. Our Solutions.