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Laura Wiens, Director

(703) 424-0854

Laura Wiens has been a member of the PPT board since 2013 and involved in its resident campaigns to restore bus service to transit deserts. She assumed the staff position in June 2017. Laura has her roots in labor organizing with Unite HERE, and draws from her experience recruiting and training leaders in the service industry to mobilize transit riders in the fight for equity, access and transparency within our public agencies. Laura believes in the collective power of people to transform their communities. In her free time, she sings with a jazz ensemble and plays with her infant son, Gabriel.


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Joshua Malloy, Community Organizer

Joshua Malloy started his organizing career as a worker organizer with Hospital Workers Rising, an organization backed by SEIU. He worked toward giving workers a voice on the job and fair and equitable wages. He saw the effect that poverty racism and gentrification had on his community and he wanted to do something to address it. Now working with Pittsburghers for public transit he plans on continuing to fight to ensure that marginalized peoples voices are heard and respected.


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Dan Yablonsky, Director of Communications & Development

After a drunk driver left him in a coma, hospitalized, and unable to walk for six-months, Dan became a committed advocate for the wellbeing of those who travel without a car. He worked for six years at BikePGH, where he started education programs, managed development, and mobilized communities to speak up for change in their streets. It was through the resident-led campaign to combat the Penn Plaza mass eviction that Dan got involved in housing justice issues. He works with PPT to center riders as leaders in campaigns for accessible transportation, affordable housing, public transparency, and our shared right to the city. Dan also loves to boogie-down, so invite him out to a dance floor near you!


PPT Coordinating Committee

Jonah McAllister-Erickson (chair)

Debra Short

Debra Green

Lisa Gonzalez

Mike Harms

Tom Conroy

Dean Mougianis

Mel Packer

Sue Scanlon

Alison Keating

Gabriel McMoreland


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