ACTION ALERT: Support the “Stronger Communities Through Better Transit Act”

image description: PPT staff members Laura and Dan take a selfie in front of the US Capitol Building during

Help push for more funding for more service in our systems! Ask your Representatives and Senators to support the “Stronger Communities Through Better Transit Act” today!

Pittsburghers for Public Transit went to Washington DC to talk about how public transit, like trains and buses, and accessible walking and bike routes, give us a healthy, clean, and affordable way for everyone to get around. We meet with our Senators, Congressional Representatives, and their staff to ask them to support Congressmember Johnson’s “Stronger Communities through Better Transit Act”, as well as the Senate version of the bill led by Senator Ossoff.

These bills would create a new federal formula grant program available to all transit agencies, rural and urban, to increase service frequency so that people don’t have to wait so long for the bus; to provide additional hours of service so that those who don’t work regular hours can still get to their jobs; and to add new, frequent service in the region.

Contact your representatives in the US House and Senate to co-sponsor the “Stronger Communities through Better Transit Act.” to increase transit service, frequency, & reliability.