Make Our Fares Fair

Make Our Fares Fair: Fare Equity Video

Port Authority: Make Our Fares Fair! These three fare policies will make a more equitable, high-performing system:
1. Equal Cash & Cashless Fares
2. Free Transfers
3. Fare Capping
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Posted by Pittsburghers for Public Transit on Thursday, November 1, 2018

A Foundation for Fare Equity

In Allegheny County, we have a transit fare system in which low-income people are paying more for same service.  We call on the Port Authority to enact these three simple policies to build a more equitable, efficient transit system:

  1. Reduce cash fares to $2.50, to match CONNECT Card fares
  2. Make all transfers free
  3. Implement fare capping (CONNECT card automatically converts to a weekly/monthly/yearly pass when the cost of the pass is paid in single uses)

If you agree, sign on to our petition: