Covid-19 Resource Lists, and a Moment for Transformation

As the Covid-19 outbreak spreads through our communities, we are seeing firsthand how years of disinvestment, defunding, and deregulation are leaving our neighbors struggling to find the essentials they need: transportation, food, housing, healthcare, education, and more. This struggle is real, and our communities are coming together to support each other through our moment of need.

If you’ve been on social media the last week, you’ve no doubt seen many different lists of resources that are being made available to individuals, families, and small businesses. These efforts may be piecemeal, but they are vital for keeping us fed, sheltered, and surviving in a broken system that was never built to support us. Below are a few lists that we’ve found helpful in this time, it is by no means exhaustive. If you have any additions, please send us an email at

All of that said, we cannot lose sight of the transformative opportunity of this moment

As we support each other with care and resources, it is essential that we recognize the transformative opportunity that is present in this moment. Movements for human rights that were impossible 1-week ago are possible today – evictions are frozen, mortgages and student loans are frozen, innocent people held in prison are being released, a universal basic income is moving closer to reality.

We will indeed rebuild our communities from this crisis – that is certain. But in this moment we have the chance to rebuild a system with love and compassion that puts the human rights of people first. Housing, transportation, food, healthcare, wages, childcare; as trillions of public dollars are being moved to help our country recover, we are seeing that yes, there is in fact money to pay for human rights. In this moment we have an opportunity to re-balance the scales and push for investment in people’s needs ahead of corporate profits.

Join PPT and transit riders across the county in making the call for a federal public transit stimulus to keep our communities moving past Covid-19:

Covid-19 Resource Lists

a note that all of these efforts are staffed almost entirely by volunteers

Take Action Mon Valley Resource Bank

Take Action Mon Valley is collecting different resources to distribute to residents throughout the Mon Valley. If you live in the Mon Valley and need resources, or if you are a caring neighbor who as resources to donate, check out their Resource Bank.

COVID-19 – resources (PITTSBURGH, PA)

One of the most comprehensive resource lists we’ve we’ve seen so far, with updates made frequently.

Resources for families affected by COVID-19

A helpful list designed specifically for family needs. With resources from food assistance, utility support, education, emotional support, etc. And a defined point of contact to ask any questions.

PA Health Access Network’s Covid-19 Briefing Memo

Legislative update with information related to eviction freezes, healthcare access, loan freezes, SNAP, workers comp and more.

Pittsburgh Mutual Aid Library

A second effort created by organizers at JOLT. This bilingual resource attempts to match people who are NEEDED and OFFERING different resources.

Join PPT & our partners to call neighbors to connect them with these resources

PPT is holding a series of phonebanks this week to connect neighbors to resources. Sign up here to help support these efforts: