Elevate Transit Equity as Priority in Port Authority’s Long-Range Plan

Photo from “NEXTransit” twitter title. With Port Authority’s “NEXTransit” long-range plan logo in the upper right corner, and a filtered picture of a bus on the background.

This is a chance to advocate for the changes we want to see. We need to make sure transit riders are front and center.

This is an exciting moment for riders. Port Authority is doing its first long-range plan in decades. This means that we have a chance to advocate for some big changes and priorities to steer the course of our transit system over the next 25 years.

As part of their planning process, PAAC just released a map along with a list of new potential new projects and priority areas.

It’s only lines on a map, but it’s exciting to see a vision of transit that connects Allegheny County. PPT members have been on the frontlines of advocating for many of these projects and policies over the years.

Now they want to hear public input.

See Port Authority’s upcoming events here and take the surveys below

Photo form Port Authority’s “NEXTransit” Long-range Plan: image of an Allegheny County map with different colored lines connecting different points that are identified as neighborhoods and municipalities – Oakland, McKees Rocks, Monroeville, Ross, etc.

Port Authority also released these 6 surveys with more information about the projects and priority areas. See more details and give input by taking the surveys below.

Be sure to share these surveys with folks riding transit now.

Port Authority has been transparent with the fact that they receive a disproportionate amount of online feedback from folks who are white, younger, and more highly-educated. We need to ensure fair and proportionate feedback from transit riders and communities who are considered “hard-to-reach”

If you work with people riding transit right now please encourage them to take the survey.

Additionally, Port Authority has said that they are very willing to come to your organization’s meeting to speak with your members about working with the survey. You can send them an email here.