“But we still need transit”: PPT’s Low-Income Fare Survey

Photo of Fawn Walker-Montgomery (PPT Board Member and Director of Take Action Mon Valley) delivering a powerful speech a rally for low-income fares. She stands at a podium with a sign that reads “Transit for People, Not For Profit” and speaks news channels’ microphones. A group of protesters stands in the back holding similar signs and a banner for PPT. The rally is outdoors and everyone is wearing a mask.

COVID hit us hard. But we still need transit.

COVID has caused thousands of us to lose jobs and income. But we still need transit to access life’s essentials: food, healthcare, jobs, housing, family.

Now more than ever, the Port Authority needs to start a low-income fare program. This would support riders, and support everyone throughout Allegheny County.

Please take this survey to advocate for a low-income fare program at Port Authority. We will not share any of the survey information from this survey without your express consent. Leave your contact info and we will follow up to learn more about you. We can fight for change.

Thank you. ❤️🚌

Would you benefit from an emergency low-income fare program?