Elizabeth Miller’s Story

Elizabeth is a Port Authority bus driver facing layoff.

“I have been working for Port Authority for almost 2 years I received my furlough paperwork in January telling me that my last day of work would be March 26. I am a single mother of two girls ages 14 and 10. I have been working hard with many other people and the union to save our jobs I have been attending rallies, meetings, and going out personally and to collect signatures on petitions to stop the cuts that Steven Bland of the Port Authority is putting in place.”

“This could affect thousands of people, and myself personally, I could lose my home, my car and maybe even have to file bankruptcy. Mine will be just one of many sad stories if we do not stand together strong as citizens and union members. These cuts will severely hurt the elderly, the handicapped and the students of Allegheny County, so we ask for your help and support to stop the transit cut.”