Dan Horgan’s Story

Dan lives in Bloomfield and works at the airport. It takes him two buses to get to work.
It’s pretty convenient to use public transportation to get to work, especially financially. Some people can’t afford to drive all the time and gas prices are going up.

“What I’ve always understood about public transit is that it was a way to help people travel, get to work, get where they need to go, and that it’s green, it cuts down on emissions. But every time they cut service, I see buses breaking down more often. I can’t really rely on the service. I’m about to lose my job because I don’t know which bus is going to get me to work on time. You don’t know if its going to break down if they keep cutting jobs in the maintenance department.”

“It happens to me at least once a week. By car it takes about 28 minutes. If the buses are on time, it takes a little less than an hour. But I have to leave home almost three hours early because I don’t know what bus is going to be late, or which bus is going to break down. I don’t blame the drivers, I blame management.”