How We Won Weekend Service: Ms. Teaira Collins

“My grandmother always taught me to fight for what is right.”

A message from Teaira Collins, PPT Member and Leader of the 93-Hazelwood Campaign:

My son Judah is the light of my life. He has down syndrome and we never know when we’ll need the 93 to get us from our home in Hazelwood to Children’s Hospital, but it doesn’t run on weekends! That route also gets me and my neighbors to the closest grocery store. We were confused when the City proposed a shuttle from the Hazelwood Green development site to the universities in Oakland. The shuttle wouldn’t give residents access to hospitals, grocery stores, pharmacies, or jobs in other parts of the city.

There had to be a better way. 

Together with PPT, my neighbors and I organized the ‘Our Money. Our Solutions.’ transportation plan

We called for those much-needed transit connections. We collected petition signatures. We held meetings and rallies. For months we testified, we made the news, we shifted the narrative – bus lines are lifelines!.
Last August PAT announced that weekend service would be added to the 93 – and to nearly all other Local routes!

This would mean victory for us and 5 other communities that had organized with PPT! 

You can help us keep up this momentum by getting involved with PPT. We can win more essential connections to healthcare, food, and jobs – but we can only do it by getting organized. Please support PPT and show that grassroots transit advocacy has the people power to change lives! Get on the bus