Join PA Transit Riders & Workers In New Campaign to Expand Transit Funding

image description: graphic of an outline of the state of PA with a bight yellow filling. “PA TRANSIT RIDERS & WORKERS” in the middle and a hand-drawn bus.

Transit riders and workers won’t stand for another round of service cuts, fare hikes, and layoffs! We’re building a grassroots vision to expand transit in our state – and we need you!

Public transit is essential for Pennsylvanians. It keeps us moving to jobs, food, and healthcare. We won’t let our state transit funding get put on the chopping block. It is time to build our movement.

Statewide Organizing Meeting to Expand PA Transit Funding
Wednesday // April 28th
7pm – 8:30pm

We need all Pennsyvania transit riders and workers to attend this meeting. Together we can build a proposal that expands our funding and puts transit riders and workers first. We will win more service, increased frequency, cleaner bus, better bus stops, affordable housing, higher wages and more.

This movement will mobilize transit riders and workers, sway politicians, shift the public narrative, and expand transit funding to keep our buses running & transform our cities.

Join us at this second Statewide Campaign Meeting of Transit Riders and Workers to continue the conversation and build this movement.

Hosted by the Philadelphia Transit Riders Union, Pittsburghers for Public Transit, the Amalgamated Transit Union Joint Conference Board, 5th Square and Transit Forward Philadelphia.

Give us a call if you have any questions about how to use Zoom, or if you have any accessibility needs: 412-626-7353. Or email us at

Pittsburghers for Public Transit and Philly Transit Riders Union are hiring 5 statewide organizing fellows to help us build this movement. Learn more and apply below: