Make sure YOU are counted in the 2020 census

Public Transit relies on you taking the census!

Pittsburghers for Public Transit (PPT) has joined the Keystone Counts Coalition to help ensure a fair and accurate count of the upcoming 2020 census, which is data that guides many decisions for the upcoming decade. There is a lot at stake in this Census, and historically-marginalized communities have been undercounted in the past. Ensuring a proper count has enormous impacts:

Why your participation in the 2020 Census is critical

ON RESOURCES: Federal programs allocate funding based on census data, so an undercount could drastically reduce the resources coming to Pennsylvania for education, healthcare, housing, Public Transit, veterans, seniors, and much more.

ON REPRESENTATION: Because U.S. House of Representatives is apportioned according to census data, Pennsylvania could easily lose one or more representatives after the 2020 census, especially with an undercount. Because state legislative districts are also drawn based on census data, communities that are undercounted would go underrepresented for the next decade.

ON COMMUNITY SUPPORT: Aside from funding and political representation, local government, philanthropic, and community leaders also rely on census data to know where to fund, build, or invest. Not being counted literally means becoming invisible to these decision-makers.

Now more than ever, you MUST do your part and take the 2020 Census

During this pandemic, the people who are now deemed invaluable to our country are often under ordinary circumstances the first of us to be forgotten. They are our grocery store tellers, meat packers, those who clean and sterilize our hospital. We have always known that these are the folks who should be heard, counted, and seen. Now is our opportunity to do that.