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#MakeOurFaresFair Rally & Media Coverage

🗣️”1 trip! 2 trip ! 3 trip! 4! Why are poor folks paying more”

Through the last 6-weeks, Riders led a campaign to collect over 2,500 signatures in support of three easy #FareEquity policies:

1. Fare Capping (to allow daily/weekly/monthly/yearly bus passes to be paid for one ride at a time)
2. Free Transfers
3. Remove the penalty for cash payment

On December 7th, 2018 we rallied to present these signatures and our testimony to the Port Authority of Allegheny County board of directors ,calling on them to #MakeOurFaresFair. Huge thanks to all the riders and volunteers who rallied, gave testimony, collected signatures, made phone calls, created signs and made up chants! Thx to Just Harvest and Mon Valley Initiative for your partnership on the campaign. #StrongerTogether

We will continue to fight for equity in our system until all have the access they deserve.

Media was there is full force to cover the action. Links to stories below:

Channel 2 KDKA – tv news: People Protest in Downtown Pittsburgh Over Fare Structure
Channel 2 KDKA – tv news: Port Authority Riders Protest Cash Fare Costs Compared To ConnectCard Costs
Channel 11 WPXI – tv news: PAT bus riders hold rally, demand lower bus fares
Post-Gazette – print news: Bus riders rally to oppose Port Authority’s high fares for cash-paying customers
TribLive – print news: PAT bus riders rally Downtown, demand lower bus fares
WESA radio: Activists Ask Port Authority To Implement ‘Logical’ Changes To Help Low Income Riders
KDKA radio: Port Authority Fares