Get union strong with PPT & ATU at Labor Day Parade ’22

image description: Flyer for PPT’s delegation with ATU Local 85 for the 2022 Labor Day Parade. Includes a photo of PPT holding our banner with ATU Local 85 at the 2014 Labor Day Parade. ATU members are wearing blue shirts. A red Port Authority is in the background as we round the corner from Sixth ave onto Grant Street. Details for the event are included: “September 5th, 10am-1pm, meet 10am at 91 Crawford St, reach out to info@pittsburghforpublic transit if you need a ride, if you have questions, or if you have any other accessibility needs”

Join PPT and Amalgamated Transit Union Local 85 as we march in the first in-person Labor Day Parade since the pandemic’s start!

PPT is a grassroots union of both transit riders and transit workers. We know that we are the ones using the system every day and that together, we have the knowledge needed to improve conditions for us all. One of our most fun celebrations of this community-union solidarity is when we march in the Pittsburgh Labor Day Parade – which is the oldest Labor Day Parade in the country!

The parade has been on pause since the start of the pandemic, but on September 4th, 2022 we’re getting the band back together. We’ll meet at 10am at the 91 Crawford St, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, right across from Freedom Corner. When we’re all there we’ll find our spot on the parade line with ATU Local 85. A 40′ PRT bus will join us for the march! We’ll walk our route (approx 1 mile) and then walk back to the start. If anyone needs rides to the event, or back to the start, just reach out to let us know:

RSVP below to join us and show solidarity with the labor that keep our city moving – September 5th, 10am-1pm. Meet 10am at St Benedict the Moore and reach out to with questions or accessibility needs.