Media Release: Transit Rider Real Time Campaign


Campaign to Encourage Transit Riders’ Use of Real Time Technology

Pittsburgh, PA – January 25, 2016 – Pittsburghers for Public Transit is organizing a series of Downtown canvassing days to spread awareness of real time services available to transit riders. In the cold winter months waiting for a bus can be increasingly grueling. Port Authority TrueTime services and independent real time apps make getting through the winter easier than ever! PPT plans to engage directly with riders at downtown bus stops and cross town bus lines to spread information about how to access these services through Port Authority, the Transit App, and Tiramisu.

We’ll be canvassing Monday Jan 25th from 3-6 pm and Tuesday Jan 25th from 3-6 pm. Folks will meet at the Smithfield and Sixth “Superstop.”

Port Authority’s Truetime services are highlighted on their website and include online and call functions. Port Authority is also developing a texting feature that will allow riders to find out when their bus is coming with one text. PPT will also work to help riders use the Transit App (, an independent service that allows users to track when their bus will arrive, access full route schedules, and view connecting lines.

PPT hopes to improve the experience of current riders and to inspire new ridership by increasing awareness of real time technology that can save time and keep riders out of the cold.

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